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Since brands change over time, you need to be aware of the continual task of managing your brand and keeping it up-to-date. No brand will ever stay the same. My approach will help you to stay on track and reinvent yourself for new opportunities.


I believe that one of the most vital marketing skills is an ability to systematize information. I’ve observed a great need for a visual framework—a blueprint or model—that real estate professionals can use as a marketing foundation to build successful businesses. To satisfy this need is the main purpose of information presented in my book "REALTOR BRANDING: Marketing Yourself For REAL ESTATE SUCCESS", marketing workshops and throught all resources available on this website.


My Branding technique is presented as 7 Ps PERSONAL BRANDING MODEL. This model not only gives you a systematic approach but also opens up all key components and their relationship at every developmental stage of building your real estate brand.

The corporate office of Branded Generation LLC is located in Miami, Florida USA

and we service clients around the world

  • P1—PRODUCT: Knowing Yourself. The beginning of the branding process is a detailed product assessment; in this case the product is You. You need to take time and be honest with yourself about your potential.

  • P2—PEOPLE AND PLACE: Knowing Your Niche. Are you interacting with and trying to promote yourself to the right people? This chapter helps you to categorize all potential customer profiles and target audiences to communicate your brand.

  • P3—POSITIONING: Aligning Yourself with Your Niche. What is your value proposition? What differentiates you from your competition? All the information collected in chapters 1 and 2 prepares you to be able to develop your personal profile and your unique promise of value, your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). If you don’t have it, potential customers don’t have any reasons to choose you. You blend in with the other thousands of licensed real estate agents.

  • P4—PACKAGING: Designing Brand Identity. Package yourself, from your personal story to all visual components of your brand.

  • P5—PROMOTION: Communicating Your Brand Online and Offline. Brand your traditional real estate communication tools. Brand your online and offline Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC). Your goal is to express your personal brand in all marketing materials, self-expressions, and best expressions. Create a communication plan, formed by marketing campaigns and your unique series of messages. You need a communication plan so that you’re sharing your brand on your own terms—not leaving anything to chance.

  • P6—PLATFORMS: Building and Nurturing Your Relationship Network. Real estate is a “People Business,” and building long-term, loyal relationships is the key to a real estate success.

  • P7—PROJECTION: Pursuing the Future with Persistence. Personal Branding isn’t a one-time project. It’s an ongoing endeavor that has to be managed over time.


    If you realize the importance of Personal Branding, this website will serve you as a blueprint to develop and maintain your unique trademark—You. It’s your continual reference, based on the needs you’ll have on your real estate journey. 


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