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Why to Brand? 

In the real estate industry, everyone has a unique personality with a different educational background and professional experience. Agents are primarily taught sales skills, which are based on a numbers game, but very few marketing skills, which are based on strategic approach. The challenge is how can you sell if you’re unable to continually generate quality, targeted leads? Therefore, the Realtor’s business isn’t only about sales but even more so about MARKETING YOURSELF and YOUR BRAND.


The course content is designed in recognition of the ever-growing need for marketing oneself and the unique challenges faced by Realtors in differentiating themselves and their brands in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven, competitive environment.

This workshop is geared toward providing specific marketing knowledge and skills needed to LAUNCH, MANAGE or REPOSITION your Realtor’s business on a fast, direct track for success by saving you costly, time-consuming trial and error. Therefore, marketing becomes your TRUE INVESTMENT rather than EXPENSE.


It is an excellent guide for:

  • New agents who are just starting their careers,

  • Agents who have tried several things and got lost,

  • Seasoned agents who have been doing business successfully and looking for a more structured and consolidated approach to their marketing and branding, and

  • Agents who have established unpreferred images in the market and would like to rebrand and reposition themselves.


The content is well structured and details my 7 Ps PERSONAL BRANDING MODEL:









The 7 Ps PERSONAL BRANDING MODEL not only gives you a systematic approach but also opens up all key components and their relationship at every developmental stage of building your real estate brand.


Enjoy PERSONAL BRANDING: a journey to discovering YOU!


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